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{SHINee IconTest}
applications for bannermakers :) 
cy → glances
we'll need about five banner makers, so all members are encouraged to apply because this community is fairly new :)
please comment under this form if you're interested (all comments are screened):

Please remember that the banner should be 100x300 or 100x250 (horizontal only please) and must includes the icon maker's name, the award given, the week number of that challenge, and of course, the community's name "shinee_awards". You have one month (from the day the winners were stated) to make banners, and I'll post your schedule here so do check the post often.
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06.05.09 (UTC)
well, i'm still wavering haha :P since i like your coloring (especially on the Seungri icon), but you need to work more on the text use (: so how about make a first place banner that is about 100x300px and includes an icon, the icon maker's name (you can make it up XD), the award (first place), the week number (001) and the community's name? it should look something like these :)
06.05.09 (UTC)
ooh.. and also, can bannermakers enter icontests as well??
06.06.09 (UTC)
yes, of course they can :)
06.15.09 (UTC)
uh.. do you want me to be a bannermaker?
'Cause.. yeah. XD;;
/ninja out
06.16.09 (UTC)
of course i want you to be one ;___;
06.16.09 (UTC)
oh, i never receive any emails informing me about the previous comment you post o______O seriously wth is wrong with lj? ;__________;

yes, you're accepted now. the next week's banners shall be yours i guess XD
(Screened comment)
07.10.09 (UTC) - N.
sorry i completely forgot about this comment -> failed ;__;
at this time, it's a No, but you can totally come back and try out in two weeks.
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