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{SHINee IconTest}
week 003 - results 
cy → glances
first place: discs

second place: heechul_oppa

third place: heechul_oppa

best crop: discs

mod's choice: discs

sorry no table today, lj was hating me :(
& congratulations to all the winners, this week's bannermaker is me_chinny. as usual, winners, we would love it if you leave a comment with the original images and/or textures used in your winning icons in order to help our bannermakers.
07.10.09 (UTC)
Pics: 1, 2 part 1, 2 part 2

Textures: 1 by cielo_gris, 2 by eveningwalk, and 3 by gfxgurl.

Haha~ Congrats to everyone that won. :)

Edited at 2009-07-10 10:06 pm (UTC)
07.11.09 (UTC)
I'll try to make your banners ASAP. :DD
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