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{SHINee IconTest}
suggest a theme? 
cy → glances
Leave a comment here if you have a suggestion for theme.
06.06.09 (UTC)

okay. so that term seems a little weird. shall add a little explanation as well XDD

you know how graphic people (what are we called? XD) crop images so that you can't see the persons eyes; like, you can only see a bit of their nose and mouth?

><;; I suck at explaining, so I'll provide some examples:

yeah.. like that XDD I hope you understand what I'm saying ;D
06.06.09 (UTC)
oh, i understand what youre talking about XD but well, since that theme is a bit specific and our comm is new, we can just start off with something more... general. but this theme is definitely gonna be used.
06.06.09 (UTC)
ooh cool! XDD
general, huh? hmmn...
would CLOSE UPS be general?
06.06.09 (UTC)
i've already thought of that theme and it'll definitely be used so... yeah :)
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